Frequent asked questions


I’d like to recommend an improvement/report a bug
We’re constantly looking to improve our service. Please contact us about any malfunctions. We’re always interested what our users think should be the next new features. Join the debate on LinkedIn or Facebook. Although we can’t guarantee we will always fulfill your wishes, your experience is remains to be our main inspiration.

What are DEMO and Enterprise Engineering?
Enterprise Engineering is about constructing organizations the way engineers build airplanes, bridges, etc. DEMO is the methodology, mainly used for modeling business processes. It’s all about designing better organizations and better supporting IT systems. Check for more information about the discipline and methodology of enterprise engineering.


What was a transaction again?
If you like a refresher of the transaction axiom, simply watch the video of Prof. Dietz explaining it here.

How do I draw a model?
Watch the instruction video here.

Can I save my diagram to a PDF file?
We’re working on this. If you use Chrome you can press the print button and ‘print as PDF’.
For any other browser we recommend you install an external PDF printer driver like Cute PDF (license free software).


What do you mean by ‘animate a model’?
Simply put, a model is a drawing of how processes should go. You can draw it on paper or in the modeling grid on this website. To ‘animate a model’ means that the computer starts an actual process (instantiation), exactly according to the way you have drawn it in the modeling grid. You can take all possible directions in the flow of process steps. The same model can have many instantiations which can each be different, according to what happens in each process step.

Why do I need animation of process models?
Well, in everyday life many processes don’t work the way they were supposed to. By animating models they become practical, and real, for all people involved. This way we can construct organization which operates more efficiently and with fewer mistakes. And we can do this beforehand, before it’s too late to make changes.

How do I animate a model?
Watch the instruction video here.


How do I open an account?
Simply click the register button and we’ll guide you through the process. Or click the link you received from your professor or lead consultant.

What about payment?
We use a credits system. Basically you buy credits, which you store in your account. When you want to upgrade or extend your account you will pay with credits. Same principle applies when you create an account for a third user. If you have any question, please contact us.

Can I cancel or downgrade my account?
After your subscription (almost) expires you will be asked if you want to extend it. Without extension your account will automatically downgrade to a Guest account with limited usability. Be aware that you will still have access to your models, but they will no longer be adaptable if they’re larger than the maximum number of transactions. However if you want to cancel your subscription intermediately, we will not provide a refund for the remainder of the license time.

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy?
Just click the following links Conditions Privacy statement

Is my Data Safe?
Yes, all your personal data will be transferred in encrypted (https://) form and stored in secure servers which are constantly backed-up. We will never share your personal details or models with other users or third parties.